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Posted in inglese

Some of the most common problems present in a company when we talk about training are the organisation of courses for personnel, high management costs, costs of specialized teaching staff, and lack of labour productivity.

Another aspect to consider is the acquisition of skills of staff inside companies, the training that an employee has to do to fulfil a specific role.

Training is also a legal requirement when we talk about job safety, complying with Legislative Decree 81/2008.

We can help you to create training programmes, roles, skills, specific courses and technical courses for your company if you think training is the right decision for growth and your development.

Our platforms are customizable and autonomous (Self-managing deadlines, reporting, registration, etc.), we can create any type of training courses, with tests, results, automatic  download of the certificate after successful completion of the programme.

By buying the platform you will be the owner of it, and you will not need assistance because on delivery a training course for proper use is provided.

And if you do not think buying a personal platform is the right choice, you can also use our E – Learning platform and attend our available courses and ask for something specific.