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What is an E-Learning Platform
  • Percorsi di formazione su misura  per le aziende, siamo in grado di realizzare qualsiasi corso di formazione in formato SCORM altamente professianle atto a trasferire competenze professionali a qualsiasi livello.


E-Learning Platform

Learning Management System (LMS) is the platform which supplies training courses by use of a personal computer.

Online courses are attended by our staff who systematically track all the activities and management of these courses. Thanks to SCORM it is possible to track all user activity through a register: time spent on the platform, test results and other information.

Users can register independently on a course, attend it and at the end download their certificates. System will send a mail before the deadline of the courses.

Distance training allows a significant cost saving, dynamism and completely autonomy (time spent, frequency of training, etc.)

We can install a dedicated platform with your company logo, accessible from your website (if you have one), in order to create an exclusive system for your business, we also give the possibility to teach your personnel how to independently manage the E – Learning platform.

This solution does not involve continuous costs, you can create your own training courses following your needs and enrol unlimited users.

The cheapest solution is: use our platform and attend our training courses , or we can create and customize them, paying attention to your necessities. This solution does not require a tutor because our experienced staff is at your disposal.

Our E – Learning platform provides the following functions:

  • User personal profile management
  • Interaction (Virtual Classroom)
  • Forum
  • Private Messaging
  • Text Chat of the Course
  • Support
  • Calendar
  • Help Desk Online
  • Notes
  • Online Tutor
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Tracking of activity
  • Tracking Level of Learning
  • Test Results and Statistics
  • Export of Users' Activities
  • Export of Access on Platform
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Different Types of Tests
  • Education Management
  • Creation of Training
  • Lesson Management
  • Video and Documents Load (word, pdf, ppt, etc.)
  • Live Lessons using Video Conference
  • Moderation of Interaction Tools of the Classroom
  • Test Creating
  • Monitoring of the Classroom
  • Import/Export Teaching Modules
  • Training Programme Details Export

Other details of FAD platform 

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