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What is "E-Learning"

What is E-Learning

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E – Learning is a method of teaching which includes the processes of training, learning, management and sharing of knowledge, which are realised through the network. This method guarantees assistance and tutoring and permanent attention to your needs. The peculiarity of E – Learning is the high flexibility of its training content, available always and everywhere, in order to permit self-management and self-determination of your own learning. Here it is also possible to scan the training process, according to an agenda that empowers the learner and the teacher in order to achieve learning objectives.

The E – Learning platform can be customized, guaranteeing:

Our E – Learning platform has been designed to be adapted to different educational needs:

Advantages of the E – Learning platform:

The E – Learning platform allows the use of the latest technology without installing or updating any programme, app or software. All the updates that are periodically released are immediately available: the FAD platform is completely web based and does not require any type of maintenance.

Who buys our service can check access as super administrator of the site, and has the possibility to control the whole platform. The super administrator can:

  1. Create courses, defining main information (title, teacher, tutor, training objectives, training programme, etc.);
  2. Create users (teachers/students and associate them with each course) and send them the access codes;
  3. Load the contents of course (this procedure can also be delegated to the teacher). Contents can be documents, images, links, video lessons, etc.;
  4. Create tests easily;
  5. Create Costumer Satisfaction modules.

When the course has begun, that is, all the users have received the access codes and started to join the platform, it is possible to keep access constantly monitored and prepare (for example by passing a particular test by users) certificates of attendance and/or profit.