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What is "E-Learning"
  • Percorsi di formazione su misura  per le aziende, siamo in grado di realizzare qualsiasi corso di formazione in formato SCORM altamente professianle atto a trasferire competenze professionali a qualsiasi livello.


No Standing Charges

Why and when invest in a personal E – Learning platform? Costs are relatively low according to the customization that the costumer asks for, but there is still the possibility of expanding the potential or of reducing costs further, giving the possibility of managing all customization of the platform independently, from the creation of training courses to structuring final tests and certificates.

It is necessary to make an assessment based on the number of training courses that you want to load onto the E – Learning platform, relating them to the number of users (employees and non-users in general) who will attend courses, one-off or periodically. A small business with 10 to 15 employees in two / three years amortizes the costs incurred by investing in new technologies, without considering the costs of personnel, or the lack of production.

In this case it is better value to invest and not to buy single-licence courses.

Another evaluation may be dictated by the fact that there is an opportunity to self-manage the site eliminating ongoing costs of consultants or subscriptions, and manage it independently.

There are no additional costs, our technician will train your employee so as to make management of the whole computer system autonomous from installation of platform onwards.

In this way you will be able to handle the E – Learning platformindependently, saving time and money.

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What is E-Learning

E – Learning is a method of teaching which includes the processes of training, learning, management and sharing of knowledge, which are realised through the network. This method guarantees assistance and tutoring and permanent attention to your needs. The peculiarity of E – Learning is the high flexibility of its training content, available always and everywhere, in order to permit self-management and self-determination of your own learning. Here it is also possible to scan the training process, according to an agenda that empowers the learner and the teacher in order to achieve learning objectives.

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What is a SCORM

SCORMs define reusing, tracking and cataloguing learning objects, they are the bases used to create courses. The platform is just a means to communicate with the user, the SCORM defines the characteristics that have to be supported by the Learning Management System (LMS). The compatibility of the platform is necessary just to “understand the language” of users, and if necessary to answer their questions.

 To be compatible with the standard SCORM, every E – Learning object must have the following characteristics:

  • Be classifiable using metadata (descriptive fields). These fields are many, not all obligatory. For example you have to specify the author, the version, and the date of the last edit. Everything is stored in a file called imsmanifest.xml
  • The opportunity to communicate with LMS through useful data.

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Financed Training

Fondimpresa, like all interprofessional funds, does not organise training courses but promotes them and redistributes the resources dedicated to companies, by law, to training. These resources include the withholding of 0.3% of the payroll of every worker in the private sector, public companies and those managing public services.

If a company does not adhere to an interprofessional fund for continuing education, these resources are managed by the public system and the company is unable to intervene concerning their management.

By joining Fondimpresa each company has 70% of contributions available, through the Education Account, and can participate in allocations of resources from the remaining 26% of the same contribution (4% is used to cover the costs of activities and management of the fund).

All these things are possible trough the System Account and the Training Account. Fondimpresa offers two opportunities for management of economic resources dedicated to training.

The System Account is a collective account that is used for the notices which all companies can compete for individually or in consortium. These notices are designed for the needs of companies and are general or specific. Each notice has two different deadlines for the submission of plans to allow companies the opportunity to plan the design of training activities.

The Training Account distinguishes Fondimpresa from other interprofessional funds. It is an individual account for each participating organisation. The financial resources that are allocated to the "learning account" are at the complete disposal of the company owner. Only the company can use them for training their employees in the manner it deems most appropriate.

Of course interprofessional funds also finance training! We can help you recover training costs by submitting loan application financing in order to train your staff through E – Learning training.

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Tutoring & Consultation

FAD platforms can be managed independently after functions provided have been set precisely. The platform manages competences, roles and deadlines, communicating different operations to be carried out. Another aspect to consider are reports, which are information regarding users who attend or have attended training courses, checking their downloads, tests carried out, and the time spent online and imposed by the administrator. For requests from users there is a forum or the teacher can be e-mailed.

A Backup System, the necessary assistance for the E – Learning site, tutoring and assistance to help you with training materials, customized graphics, and many other things in order to adapt your platform to your needs .

It is also possible to connect the platform to the company management site, in order to save time.

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Some of the most common problems present in a company when we talk about training are the organisation of courses for personnel, high management costs, costs of specialized teaching staff, and lack of labour productivity.

Another aspect to consider is the acquisition of skills of staff inside companies, the training that an employee has to do to fulfil a specific role.

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