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Technical Consultation
  • Percorsi di formazione su misura  per le aziende, siamo in grado di realizzare qualsiasi corso di formazione in formato SCORM altamente professianle atto a trasferire competenze professionali a qualsiasi livello.


Tutoring & Consultation

FAD platforms can be managed independently after functions provided have been set precisely. The platform manages competences, roles and deadlines, communicating different operations to be carried out. Another aspect to consider are reports, which are information regarding users who attend or have attended training courses, checking their downloads, tests carried out, and the time spent online and imposed by the administrator. For requests from users there is a forum or the teacher can be e-mailed.

A Backup System, the necessary assistance for the E – Learning site, tutoring and assistance to help you with training materials, customized graphics, and many other things in order to adapt your platform to your needs .

It is also possible to connect the platform to the company management site, in order to save time.

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