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Request your SCORM
  • Percorsi di formazione su misura  per le aziende, siamo in grado di realizzare qualsiasi corso di formazione in formato SCORM altamente professianle atto a trasferire competenze professionali a qualsiasi livello.


Request your SCORM

Now that we know what SCORMs are, we can learn how to realize them. At first, to achieve one we have to create a training programme through the addition of  photos, videos, etc. These are organized in a single file, that is our SCORM, which once loaded onto the E – Learning platform becomes available for users.

The special feature of the platform is tracking users' logs, in this way we can be sure that users have downloaded all the files and materials they need to enjoy the courses. In addition, we have the possibility to know for certain that users have seen multimedia content and how much time they have spent inside our site. At the end of each course workers have to pass an exam which demonstrates they have acquired new competences.

So, by structuring files in modules we can create different and innumerable types of SCORM, from the easiest which teaches how to send an email, to the more complicated which teach how to use complex machinery, through manuals, videos, photos and technical tutorials.

In our store numerous courses are available, ready to be installed onto your platform, and actionable with unlimited licences, you can also realize a new one according to your specifications.

The courses do not have constraints of users when installed onto a dedicated platform!



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